ARBTA Aims and Objectives

We aim to safeguard, protect and promote the system, style and traditions of the Russian School as promoted by Legat and Vaganova .Member schools and Teachers are able to enter students for Classical Ballet Examinations as set out in our Ballet Examination Graded Syllabus, and the Major/Vocational (Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2) Syllabus. Member Teachers of Fellowship Status can also train and coach students to take the ARBTA Professional Teachers Examinations.

We also have complimentary Theatre Dance Award Examinations which include Jazz and Tap Dance and also Character Dance (an important aspect of Classical Ballet Training) in order to encourage our students to have a wider appreciation of the Dance Arts.

ARBTA has a Professional Teachers Examination Syllabus at Associate Certificate and Diploma level and also Advanced Teachers Examination (Fellowship) in Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Tap Dance.

We aim to further expand our Association both in the UK and Abroad and are keen to promote both Classical Russian Ballet and a wider appreciation of the Theatre Arts.